Pave the Way for Apptad Artificial Intelligence LABS

Artificial Intelligence relates to the technocracy of programming the computers to be as intelligent and as intuitive as humans are. AI is popularly defined as

“Systems That Think & Act Like Humans”.

Industries are being transformed to adapt the intelligent services and automation of business work flow for better outcomes. Artificial intelligence/ Machine Learning is playing the vital role in designing and development of such intelligent systems focusing more specifically on natural language processing and computer vision techniques.

Our Intelligent Services

Our Industry experts and researchers are developing a rich set of intelligent services in the below mentioned areas

Image Understanding

OCR using Image Processing

Event / Capacity Prediction

NLP Classifiers

Digital Application / Process Automation


Our Approach

We focus on Client Enterprise Business improvement by Optimizing and Automation of the Business process use cases which are redundant and also helping people in providing the necessary and accurate information on time.




Understanding Languages

Solving Problems

Our Capabilities

1. Image understanding

Face Recognition

Industrial Monitoring / Inspection Systems

Image Classifiers

2. OCR using Image Processing

Text Recognition Using the OCR Function

Recognizing text in images is useful in many computer vision applications such as image search, document analysis, and robot navigation

ROI-based Processing To Improve Results

identify specific regions in the image that ocr should process

3. Event/Capacity prediction

Optimized pricing

Offer a product, hotel or flight for the best price, i.e. to make most revenue

Fraud detection

Decide if a payment is accepted or rejected

Cross selling

Send an offer while the customer is still in the store

Customer service

Recommend the best solution for a customer while he is in the line

Restock inventory

Ship inventory to specific shops based on expectations, external influences, and customer behavior.

4. NLP Classifiers

Sentiment analysis

Summarize your customer sentiment and satisfaction

Summarize your customer sentiment and satisfaction

Text classification

Semantic classification of text/description for fast and efficient business process

5. Digital application/Process automation

Decision recommendation

In most automated business processes, humans have to make decisions, like “Approve/Reject the loan”, “Authorize/Decline a purchase request”, and so on.

6. Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Details of what is happening in our business

Prescriptive Analytics

What’s needed to do your business better

Predicative Analytics

Provide your future

Our Clients