American global provider of water, hygiene and energy technologies and services

American global provider of water, hygiene and energy technologies and services


  • The company maintains business partner records, base customer records, employee and contact information in the source systems.
  • Each type of customer records in separate source system is present which causing challenges in getting global view of customer.
  • Each system has their own rule to maintain the data
  • Quality of data is a challenge
  • System is highly dependent on Data Warehouse solution for reporting purpose


MDM Solution is developed for creating new Customer and Product Master

  • Data is procured into MDM system from Enterprise Data warehouse using batch processes designed in ETL.
  • Data set gets cleansed, standardized and enriched using the data quality rules.
  • Business partner records are classified based on their types
  • Base Customer accounts is loaded into the MDM system.
  • During staging process, data from landing tables are loaded into the staging tables and here, a new type of party records called SITE is loaded into the system.
  • Match rules applied on the data set to find a potential match among the site information. The match merge criteria is set to allow auto match or manual match/merge to the existing site record. Once the party records are loaded into the system, the hierarchy information is maintained through the relationship tables defined in the data model.


  • The benefits of MDM Implementation:
  • Establishment of a ‘Golden Record’ of customer sites through the merging of Sites and keep the data of the customers intact, which can be accessed in real-time or batch and leverage the master data to make business-critical decisions
  • Improved data accuracy, Increased trust in the data and enhanced data credibility
  • Provided an analytical customer master data solution for reporting purposes
  • Provision to maintain Customer, Product and Hierarchical data in MDM
  • Deployed MDM solution globally across various markets

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