Leading Food and Beverage Manufacturer

Leading Food and Beverage Manufacturer


The company wanted to get rid of isolated inventory and procurement process of recent acquired companies.

The challenges company were facing as follows

  • Operating on a plant-specific basis with individual material numbers and vendors
  • Lack of cross-inventory visibility, and no existing standards for controlling data
  • Existing data condition did not allow for the merged companies to capitalize on their operating synergies
  • Data prevented them from leveraging economies of scale and strategic sourcing


Developed a plan to create new organizational unit that would control and monitor the standards for data creation and data integrity.

  • The new unit called the Central Master Data Management organization (CMDM), would operate as a shared services organization for each of the business units.
  • Worked with the company to establish the standards for which data would be managed, and guided them through the vendor selection process to “scrub” current data to meet that standard.
  • Facilitated and managed the clean-up process between the client and 3rd party vendor to complete the process. After the initial rollout, developed a custom Portal utilizing webMethods to improve CMDM efficiency and support for ongoing data management.


The implementation has recognized a number of significant business benefits to the company including

  • Uniform/Shared Materials and Vendors
  • Cross-plant inventory visibility – reduction in expensive redundant inventories
  • Over $3MM in savings from Strategic Sourcing activities
  • Business Intelligence reporting to monitor and rationalize spend activities

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