Thrivon Evariant – Leading Medical facility provider

Thrivon Evariant – Leading Medical facility provider


EVariant is on a mission to move healthcare providers to the cloud with the data and analytics required to confidently identify and execute on the most important strategic growth, patient engagement and physician alignment initiatives.

In order to properly manage data of Provider& Patients, a solution needed to be in place to create a single source of truth for patients and providers, standardize locations and facilities, and be able to manage reference data in one centralized location.


Apptad took this opportunity to create a standard and world class MDM product for the Medicine industry which would empower hospital systems to enhance the campaigning capability and increase the ROI.

  • Creating standards will enable to fulfill the all kinds of requirements and challenges which could be faced by any Medicine provider in such operations and hence will have direct impact on reducing the OPEX cost of an organization.
  • This product leveraged the capabilities of MDM, Address doctor and certain credit agencies to make sure that the golden copy or the best version of truth for a consumer as well the providers could be achieved.
  • The basic trend and behaviors were deeply studied and the observations were converted into a solution.
  • Scalability was one of the concern which was taken care of through huge experience of the consultants which had decades of experience and knowledge of this industry and domain.


The implementation has recognized a number of significant business benefits to the company including:

  • Improving Quality of Care and Service
  • Supporting Patient Growth
  • Enhancing business agility

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